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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset October 6, 2011

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I’ve decided to take up WordPress’ challenge of posting a photo once a week for the rest of 2011 based on a theme of their choosing. This week it’s sunsets and here is my offering of the sun going down over Bath. Let me know what you think. And check out The Daily Post for more info.


Bath Sunset


So, I live in Bath now August 19, 2011

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Which is a bit weird because this time last week I lived in Surbiton. It’s not quite like moving down the road and I think I’m still getting my head around how far away I’ve moved. I can’t just pop into London for an evening now. Which is a shame. But Bath is lovely! I can’t get over how nice it is. I mean, I knew it was nice, that was part of the reason we moved here, but it really is so nice. A friend came to visit on Sunday (yes, two days after we’d moved) and couldn’t stop saying “why doesn’t everyone live here?” It’s true, everyone that I told I was moving to Bath said “ooh it’s lovely there” (or variations on the theme), I’ve yet to meet anyone with something bad to say about the place. Well it’s a bit expensive but coming from South West London it’s cheap for us so that’s not a problem!


The move itself was a bit of a nightmare. We hired two men to come with a van to help us and they were over an hour late. Then not everything fitted in the van so we had to leave a few non-essential bits behind (luckily Jon’s dad lives nearby and was able to pick it up and keep it for us). Then we got here and found a flat full of furniture in what we were expecting to be a non-furnished flat. Apparently the letting agent had made a mistake but he had someone come round and get rid of the extra stuff on Monday so at least we only had to put up with it for a couple of days (and it meant our house-guest had a bed to sleep on as opposed to the blow up airbed we were planning to give him!)


The flat itself is lovely, nice and big and airy and light. The lounge has a wall of windows onto the balcony which has to-die-for views over Bath. And the bathroom looks like it came straight out of a posh hotel suite! It’s a short walk into town and Jon can walk to his new office is 20 minutes which is amazing as he used to spend an hour on the train and tube.


Now I just need to find myself a job. Oh and set up my crafting table. Priorities…


Night view of Bath

View from our balcony at night