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Birds nest necklaces October 6, 2011

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This is one of the crafts I’ve seen on Pinterest and actually made (as opposed to the many more crafts I’ve pinned and not yet made!). The tutorial I used is here, but the basic premise is to thread your beads onto the end of the wire, wrap the wire round the beads several times (it can be a bit tricky holding everything in place), then wrap the wire round the bits you’ve already wrapped and tuck in the ends. Then just add on a jump ring, or make a loop from the wire and thread your chain through that. I used a much thinner wire than in the tutorial (because it’s what I had) but I like how they came out. And the great thing about this craft is it doesn’t make if they end up looking a bit messy because they just look more realistic!


Blue birds nest necklace

Purple birds nest necklace



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