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Purple balls and dragonflies September 26, 2011

Filed under: Beading — Alison @ 2:33 pm

Just a couple of pairs of earrings I’ve made recently. The purple beads were left over from another project and had been waiting for me to buy some bead caps to turn them into earrings. I tend not to plan out my jewellery items precisely before I buy beads, I just see beads I like and buy however many I think I might need. So I’m always ending up with a small number of random ones left over. But I like the challenge this poses of using them for something else.

The dragonflies were upcycled (love that term!) from a rather ugly bracelet that was no longer wanted by a friend and donated to me to use the parts.

They are both available for sale in my facebook shop.

Purple earrings

 Dragonfly earrings


2 Responses to “Purple balls and dragonflies”

  1. Sally Says:

    Hi Alison

    I like you dragonfly earrings. It’s sad to see such pretty pieces fall by the wayside … that’s one of the joys of visiting thrift stores where there often many little treasures waiting to be upcycled 🙂

    • Alison Says:

      Hi Sally, thanks for your comment. Luckily all my friends know that I like to make jewellery so they often give me stuff to use rather than throwing it away!

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