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Some things I like on the internet August 30, 2011

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Mini Eco has loads of cool crafts for kids and adults and there are plenty of tutorials. I love this garland and it makes me wish I had a sewing machine, even though I am terrible with them! Click the picture for full tutorial.

Sewn paper garland

Imagine Awesome takes childrens’ pictures and turns them into something amazing. From the author: “Kids have the ability to come up with some pretty amazing things, but not always the ability to draw exactly what they were imagining. I’m here to help make those drawings come a little bit closer to reality.”


Pinterest. Oh my good god. What a MASSIVE time-suck. If you haven’t joined up yet, don’t. Save yourselves! No seriously, it is good. It’s a really handy way to keep track of all the cool things you find on the internet that you think you’d like to go back to and then never get around to. The bit I like best about it though is just trawling through everything that everybody else has pinned. I could waste hours this way.

Sleep Talkin’ Man. Quite frankly I think this is hilarious. But be warned, it may not be suitable for those of a sensitive disposition. Especially those who don’t like swears.


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