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Mid-year Resolutions August 29, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Alison @ 12:14 pm

Whenever new years eve comes around and people ask me what my resolutions are, I always say I don’t do new years resolutions because I don’t need it to be January 1st to resolve to make a change. Like I don’t need it to be February 14th to tell someone I love them. And lately I’ve been thinking about things I should start doing/ do more of/ do less of. So here is a short list.

1. Find a job. Obviously.
2. Pay more attention to the news and current affairs. And I mean serious news like Libya and the economy. Not which celebrity has shacked up with which or what the latest “scandal” on X Factor is.
3. Make more meals from scratch. I’m always buying jars for things like chili con carne and bolognaise and I’m sure I could be making these myself which would be cheaper and healthier. Especially as I’m not working at the moment so I have the time.
4. Drink more water. And less bad stuff like alcohol, coke and fruit juice (bad for the teeth).


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