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Necklaces I’ve made recently August 11, 2011

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I’ve made these three necklaces in the past couples of weeks, all using different methods. The first two were for my two line managers when I left my job. They were both really lovely people and were often admiring things that I’d made and was wearing myself so I really wanted to make them both something. The third one was for my sister for her birthday.

Green beaded necklace

This first one was made using tiger tail which is a flexible beading thread made from several strands of wire twisted together covered with a nylon coating. I picked out the beads I wanted to use from my local bead shop and used some I had in my stash for the spaces in between. I really like the toggle clasp, it features a big leaf and a little bunch of grapes, cute!

Purple necklace

This second one was also made using tiger tail but I wanted the beads to have some space between them so I used crimping beads to hold them in place. These are tiny metal beads which you thread onto the wire to the position you want then squash them with pliers to fix them in place. I think it makes the individual beads stand out. I used a smaller silver toggle clasp for this one. The clasps are held on by making a loop in the tiger tail and securing it with another crimping bead, then using a jump ring to attach the toggle to the loop.

Cord necklace

This one was threaded onto a brown cord and again I wanted to give each bead some space so I held them in place using a simple knot. I didn’t measure out the gaps or anything, just judged it by eye to give it a more rustic, homemade feel. I used the same leaf clasp as on the first necklace (they came in a pack of 2!) but this time I just tied it on by knotting the cord.

I think they all came out really well, let me know what you think!


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