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Butterflies October 30, 2009

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My friend bought me this glass bauble for my birthday which has colourful butterflies painted on it with little gems. I thought it was too beautiful just to save for christmas so I came up with a decorative way to display it all year round.

I punched butterfly shapes out of magazine pages, trying to make sure I had a good mix of colours and patterns on both sides. I then strung them onto thread using a normal needle and tied knots in between each one about an inch apart. It is about a metre long with one end tied to the curtain rail and the other to the bauble. It hangs above the radiator near the window and, as a happy coincidence, when the heating is on the turbulent air makes the wings of the butterflies flutter.

As an aside, the other thing you can see hanging above is something else I made. It’s made from different coloured origami paper stuck back to back, folded and stuck together to form a decahedron (I think!!)


3 Responses to “Butterflies”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Ali! Make a dodecahedran! I never realised you were so crafty!

    • Alison Says:

      I’m very crafty! How many is a dodecahedron? I’ve got something I made with 20 sides which is pretty cool. I should put a photo of that on here, you’ll have to tell me what that is called! :-S

      • Natalie Says:

        Gosh, you really don’t remember Mrs Twynam’s lessons, do you? 12!!! I can’t believe you don’t recall that lesson from 16 years ago… (Clearly mathsy stuff just stuck in my brain)

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