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Butterflies October 30, 2009

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My friend bought me this glass bauble for my birthday which has colourful butterflies painted on it with little gems. I thought it was too beautiful just to save for christmas so I came up with a decorative way to display it all year round.

I punched butterfly shapes out of magazine pages, trying to make sure I had a good mix of colours and patterns on both sides. I then strung them onto thread using a normal needle and tied knots in between each one about an inch apart. It is about a metre long with one end tied to the curtain rail and the other to the bauble. It hangs above the radiator near the window and, as a happy coincidence, when the heating is on the turbulent air makes the wings of the butterflies flutter.

As an aside, the other thing you can see hanging above is something else I made. It’s made from different coloured origami paper stuck back to back, folded and stuck together to form a decahedron (I think!!)


Teabag Folding

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Tea bag folding (not to be confused with teabagging) involves small decorated squares (or circles, hexagons etc) of paper folded in exactly the same way and stuck down so they are either interlocking or side by side to create a geometric deisgn.

It is said to have originated in Holland where decorative paper bags that held tea bags were used, but nowadays specially printed designs are available. (However if you can get hold of them, the decorated tea bags make lovely designs)

Sheets of tea bag paper can be bought, but it’s easier to find them online and print them yourself. There are numerous sites which provide all manner of designs – just try “free tea bag folding tiles” in your favourite search engine.

There are also hundreds of different ways of folding the things – again “tea bag folding instructions” will prove a goldmine. Try something like this for a start.

Next time I will give instructions for my favourite fold, which I used to produce two of the cards below.


Prick and Stitch October 26, 2009

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FieldmousePrick and stitch is a great technique, it’s fairly simple and the results look great. You can download a few free patterns to get you started, but they are only a couple of quid to purchase. This fieldmouse was free from Form-A-Lines and I have also purchased a couple of patterns from them… more pictures to follow!



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Ok, so here are a few of the beaded jewellery items I’ve made so far and already had pictures of (if I can get it to work).

Some are also available for purchase on folksy!


Hello world!

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Hello there. I’m going to be putting pictures and/or descriptions of my various craft activities on this here blog, as well as a few other random musings no doubt. My crafty things mostly consist of jewellery and cards but I’m sure there will also be others. I’m also a Guide leader so no doubt this will feature somewhat!

I’m still getting used to this whole blogging malarky as this is the first time I’ve done it, so bear with me… hopefully a few photos will appear on the next post! Erm, now how do I post this…